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Ghana – Winneba

EN-Projects was awarded a Dutch funded ORIO contract in Southern Ghana to design, build and equip a new regional trauma hospital in Winneba, west of the capital Accra.

The facility included 125 beds, modern Orthopaedic, Accident & Emergency and Mortuary facilities as well as extended Obstetrics, Maternal and Gynaecology provision, staff accommodation and Biomedical maintenance facility. It was completed in 2012.
The design took into consideration an energy efficient running model, Biomass gas production and emission free medical waste processing plant as well as Oxygen generation plant. 

The services and support included an extended maintenance package over 5 years including ongoing and refresh staff training over that period.

Winneba hospital is still used as a reference hospital for a sustainable and income generating hospital a decade after it was completed and was also the location for filming a Ghanaian medical style TV drama.

Burkina Faso – MEI

The Masroor Eye Institute (MEI) was a new specialist eye hospital being built in Koubri, south of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso. The objective was to provide a centre of excellence for ophthalmic care for West Africa offering high quality and low-cost care operated by a UK charity.

EN-Projects was initially engaged in late 2020 to review the proposed equipment and the hospital layout. Our team provided feedback and recommendations on the layout of the diagnostic and surgical wings, enabling infrastructure requirements including power, RO water, lighting and HVAC. Then, there were recommendations on fitness for purpose and prioritization of the medical equipment.

The client then worked with our team on refining their requirements for medical equipment including the specifications, plan for consumables and plans for support. EN-Projects then worked with a number of key suppliers, mainly from Europe, to procure, ship, install and commission the equipment. Our team also organized staff and biomedical training, extended warranty and support.

Feedback from the client and from potential staff was excellent, and some of the clinicians who visited the hospital setup at the end of 2021 commented that they never expected to see such high quality surgical and diagnostic equipment in their country.

Gambia – Simulation

EN-Projects won a tender to supply training equipment for the School of Nursing and Midwifery in Banjul, the capital of The Gambia in late 2021. Our team procured and shipped a range of medium-fidelity simulation equipment to support triage and repetitive task training related to maternity and paediatric care. The simulation devices were sourced from Europe and North America.

The simulation equipment is helping to accelerate clinical capacity in the country, and to improve the skill levels of nurses who will be serving in many provinces across the country. This will ensure that the next generation of Gambian nurses will have greater skills and confidence before they deal with actual patients.

Zanzibar – Mnazi Mmoja

In a project part funded by the Dutch Government’s ORIO programme, in 2015 EN-Projects were contracted to transform a 4,000m² dilapidated and disused building at Mnazi Mmoja Hospital (MMH) in Zanzibar into a modern hospital wing, renovate and equip Mnazi Mmoja’s existing maternity department within the UNESCO protected main building of the hospital and build and equip 15 Primary Healthcare Units (PHUs) throughout the archipelago.

MMH itself was established in Stone Town in 1955 in a now historic building located near the coast. The main hospital site has 630 beds, and annually handles around 75,000 outpatient attendances, over 25,000 inpatient attendances and over 12,000 live births.

This was a turnkey project consisting of construction, procurement and installation of equipment, and an extensive capacity building programme ranging from clinical training to hospital management. EN-Projects worked with local designers, architects and building contractors to commission a range of departments including emergency, radiology, surgical, family planning, gynaecology, vaccination, paediatric and maternity at the MMH site, and a number of clinics at each of the PHUs.  

To ensure the sustainability of the investment, EN-Projects conducted five years of comprehensive maintenance on the buildings and equipment, as well as refresh staff training in areas such as clinical waste management.

Ethiopia – GAFTAG

EN-Projects were contracted by the German Armed Forces Technical Advisory Group (GAFTAG) in Ethiopia to supply a COVID-19 response medical equipment package to the Ethiopian Ministry of Defence as part of a German-funded donation to help the fight against the coronavirus in Ethiopia. EN-Projects were GAFTAG’s first choice supplier for the project, having successfully partnered for a previous project in Tanzania.

Detailed requirements were gathered from the Ministry of Defence during most of April 2020, then proposals were submitted and refined over the course of a couple of weeks until all parties were very pleased with the comprehensively formulated package of equipment. 

After procurement, EN-Projects worked very closely with the Ethiopian MOD to co-ordinate numerous airfreight shipments out of Ethiopian Airlines hub airports in Frankfurt and Beijing. 

The equipment package supplied included ventilators and microscopes from Germany, suction pumps from Switzerland and oxygen cylinders from China. All the equipment was commissioned by EN-Projects’ partner based in Addis Ababa.

Ghana – Dental

EN-Projects was awarded a Dutch grant funded project in 2007 to deliver an ambitious project to increase access to rural dental care by 50% within 12 months as part of the Ghana Oral Health Project.

The team worked closely with the Ministry of Health and Ghana Health Services (GHS), local architects and nine different contractors in 10 regions around Ghana to design, build and equip 10 Dental clinics and laboratories, 11 Community Oral Health Outposts (COHOs) and a Dental Training School in Kintampo. EN-P managed the whole project which included regular site visits across the country.

The clinics typically took 4 months to build, and each 128m2 facility included 2 treatment rooms, reception, waiting area, a laboratory, X-Ray, office, generator and a workshop for the manufacture of false teeth and dentures. The smaller COHOs covered 52m2 and had just one treatment room.

The main training school, situated half way between Kumasi and Tamale, had a lecture room, and a simulation suite including 5 simulation heads for students to practice their skills on as well as two dental clinics. A centrally based mobile dental unit enabled outreach to more rural populations. The whole project took just over 12 months to complete and was very well received by GHS.

Dental clinicians were provided with training including best practice use of all equipment. EN-Projects and their local agents provided spare parts and extended maintenance support to all the sites for four years.

Sri Lanka – Nuwara Eliya

High in the mountains in central Sri Lanka, from 2011, EN-Projects helped the Ministry of Health to finance, design, build and equip a new 650-bed general hospital. The hospital consists of 10 floors in the main block covering wards, diagnostics, emergency, ICU, laboratory, surgical theatres and many other specialist units.
On the campus, there are also facilities for staff accommodation and clinical waste incineration. The main hospital building cover an area of 21,000m2 whilst the accommodation blocks cover an area of 9,500m2.

On completion of the construction and MEP installation, EN-Projects arranged for the sourcing, shipping, installation and commissioning of all of the medical and non-medical equipment, furniture and fittings for the hospital, for operating theatres, ICU, clinics and wards, to laundry and the waste incinerator. There was comprehensive staff training followed by a service and maintenance contract for 12 months.
Since going live in 2019, the hospital now has 1,300 staff including 320 nurses.

Sri Lanka – Hambantota

In 2011, EN-Projects were contracted to finance, design, build and equip a new 850 bed general hospital in Hambantota in southern Sri Lanka covering an area of 45,000 m2. The hospital included a 10-story main tower including surgical, outpatient clinics and wards. On the site, there were also blocks for staff accommodation to cater for 200 nurses, doctors and consultants. The construction was completed by 2018, and then installation and commissioning of the equipment was completed in 2019.

The equipment covered all aspects of the hospital including Emergency, ICU, Diagnostics (X-Ray, Ultrasound, CT), Operating Theatres, Dental, Endoscopy, Physiotherapy, CSSD, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Kitchen, Laundry and Waste Management. EN-P also supplied the Ambulances.

Since the construction of the hospital, a major new highway development also runs close to the site, and it is popular as one of the few hospitals in Sri Lanka near a highway.

Sri Lanka – Kalutara

Following the successful build of the hospitals in Hambantota and Nuwara Eliya, in 2017 EN-Projects was contracted to finance, design, build, equip and support a new specialist women and children’s hospital in Kalutara, around an hour south of the capital Colombo. The architectural design and layout was done using our team in The Netherlands.

On a modest sized plot of land, the main hospital consists of a seven-floor tower, with services in the basement, diagnostic imaging, triage, emergency and theatres facilities on the lower floors, and wards on the upper floors. There is a beautiful, covered walkway from the main block to three staff blocks.

So far, the main hospital construction will be completed by mid-2022 and then the equipping should be commissioned and tested by the end of 2022.